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The Artist and Artwork

Hello, my name is Rachel. I am a landscape artist based in Texas. I graduated from the University of North Texas where I received a BFA in drawing and painting.

My process of creating environments involves putting together elements of nature, then breaking them down into shapes. I find the dichotomy of a space being made from flatness so visually interesting. For this reason, color is an important aspect of my work. It is used to create depth using value and contrast, as well as emphasize moods. I enjoy playing with colors and lighting to create atmosphere within a scene. Mixing paint is fun for me as I can see how far I can push a palette in a single piece. How many colors can I use while keeping the harmony?

I find the natural world so stunning and I love the variety it can have and how much it changes. I think of my pieces being individual, but as different parts of the same universe. The scenes I depict are more about conveying a feeling rather than creating a place that could exist in our world. These sites are often isolated. Not only because I find untouched nature pretty, but I find peace within solitude. I love the idea of creating a world someone can immerse themselves in. Some paintings are more conceptual than others, but I am more concerned with formal qualities and aesthetics. I want my work to be beautiful.

Besides nature, one of my biggest influences is music; particularly score from video games and films. Regardless if I’m painting or not, I am always up for listening to instrumentals. It’s easy for me to get lost in the sound and let my imagination wander. Other than that, video games, animation, and photography also inspire my work.

Although I work primarily with acrylic on canvas or wood panel, recently, I’ve been delving into mixed media. I’ve begun incorporating colored pencil, ink, watercolor, and gouache into my work. Digital paintings are created in Photoshop.