The Artist and Artwork

My work involves creating environments with a sense of seclusion and immersion. I put together elements of the natural world, then break them down into flat shapes. Color is an important aspect as it is used to emphasize moods. I manipulate colors and light within a scene, even if it’s unnatural, to create atmosphere. My work has a dichotomy of being flat yet having depth due to contrast and value. I enjoy mixing paint and seeing how far I can push color palettes in a single piece. How many colors can I use while keeping the harmony? I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas or wood panel. My technique calls for layers that dry quickly. More recently, I’ve been delving into mixed media and have begun incorporating colored pencil, ink, and watercolor along with acrylics. Anything digital is created in Photoshop.

I find the natural world so stunning and I’m fascinated with the variety it comes in and how much it can change. I think of each piece being individual, but as a different part of the same universe. The scenes I create are more about portraying feelings and ideas rather than creating realistic places. The sites I depict are often isolated. Not only because I find untouched nature pretty, but I find peace within solitude. Some pieces are more conceptual than others, but I am more concerned with formal qualities and aesthetics. I want my work to be beautiful.