Hi, my name is Rachel! I’m 24 years old and I’m from Houston, Texas. I am currently a senior in college working towards getting my BFA with a concentration in drawing and painting.

My work mostly consists of abstract landscapes. I like to imagine my own places. I put together elements of the natural world, then break them down into flat shapes. Color is an important element to my work. I use it to create atmosphere and emphasize moods. I like to manipulate color and light within a scene, even if it’s unnatural. My work has a dichotomy of being flat, yet having depth due to contrast and value. I enjoy mixing paint and seeing how far I can push color palettes in a single piece. How many colors can I use while keeping the harmony?

I’m inspired by the beauty of nature. I find that no matter what different styles I experiment with, landscape is always something I come back to. I find the natural world so stunning and I’m fascinated with the variety it comes in and how much it can change. I think of each painting being individual, but as a different part of the same universe. The scenes I create are more about portraying feelings and ideas rather than creating realistic places. The sites I depict are often isolated. Not only because I find untouched nature pretty, but I find peace within solitude. Some pieces are more conceptual than others, but I am more concerned with formal qualities and aesthetics. I want my work to be beautiful.

I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas or wood panel. My technique calls for layers that dry quickly. Anything digital is created in Photoshop.